BPU Valerie 2016 CGHQ by Kyanbu

BPU Valerie 2016 CGHQ


9 April 2017 at 16:52:06 MDT

"This character is a Demon Succubus. In my D-Resonate game projects which this character is a part of. Demons are able to breed with either other demons, humans, or Ani-Humans. This game series version of Beast People. Valerie is mixed. Part Demon Succubus and part Ani-Human. Since Succubus in both the original lore and in my game series can change their appearance. Valerie chooses to change her wings into more Angelic looking ones and hide her horns. "

A nice Bikini pinup in time for Spring Break. Kind of early (depending on whose viewing) but after how late I was with the St patricks day 2017 CG. I'd rather be early then late. A Easter CG will be up next Before I start uploading the character concept sketches for the cast. This is actually an old CG I started on gimp a year ago but never finished until recently when I decided to use it for a spring break pic this year. Coloring, rendering, and texturing was all done by brush tool and touched up with the smudge and erase tools. Back ground was drawn and touched up using the rectangle select and gradiant tools, brush tools and gaussian blur.

Total Layers used: 48 out of 58 Layers used.

Valerie's bio can be read here: https://www.weasyl.com/~kyanbu/submissions/1181748/succubi-sisters-valerie-2015-cghq

Valerie Gust (c) Kwame A. Fletcher a.k.a Kyanbu
artwork by Kyanbu
D-Universe, Dash Saga, D-Resonate © Kyanbu

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