Eve Ventus PU 2016 SKHQ by Kyanbu

Eve Ventus PU 2016 SKHQ


24 March 2017 at 05:35:29 MDT

A mixed media Sketch I did during the summer that I recently went back and digitally cleaned up and edited as well as digitally drawing the Background and Foreground all done with the brush tool and smudge tool. Fixing it up as much as possible without redrawing it. I went back and worked on this as a means of experimenting with Values and scene composition. So as a bit of a side complaint about the nature of good composition. When it comes to scene composition, for the sake of good composition, there are somethings you should avoid when keeping attention on the focal point. one of those things are lines that lead off page. Which can make a door way scene tricky to do the way you may have intended. The pose here isn't dynamic. As it was just concept sketch for an updated version of Eve's old dress.

Her Violin Note Scythe "Graceful Glory" was also redesigned in another newer sketch of her I might upload later.

Total Layers used: 5 out of 9 with no masks used.

About the character, she's a recycled design from an old dropped idea (for the time being). Revamped for the current project. Though this isn't a guaranteed final design if she does end up getting used here and not just later down the road (this outfit was update for personal nostalgia). That said her bio is all done so here's a bit of info on this old character of mine. (come to think of it, a number of my characters are pretty old designs that were recycled.) Her bio was revamped from the old one that I apparently never posted on here, weird, I could have sworn I posted that back in 2011... meh.

Name: Eve Ventus
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Job Class: Reaper
Species/Race: Demon - Succubus
Bio: A Member of the Reapers, A guild of mostly Demons that deal with "Phantasms" around the world and serve the current Grim Reaper "Osiris Number" and his second in command and wife "Vita Number". Assigned to "Sol City, Frontierria"to aid the "Saints Clan Members" and their "Ascended Demon, Valerie Gust". Eve is a vain young woman with a strong love for upper class life. Despite her usual attire and mannerisms, she's actually middle class much to her personal frustration. Often slacking off with her work to pursue riches with varying results. Thanks to her Violin Note Scythe "Graceful Glory", Eve specializes in Gravity based Void R-Spells (Reaper Spells) and Magnetic attacks. Allowing her to literally make her foes kneel before her. However while she excels at magic, she's not very capable at close range attacks beyond basic swings with her Note Scythe and BowSword. Because of this and her habit of giving in to greed from time to time, She's often paired with skilled fighters when on duty. Usually "Evarine" or "Siren", and sometimes even "Vita".

Personality: At her best she's very haughty but quite efficient at her job when someone is with her to keep her in line, At her worse she's greedy and manipulative, Usually she's full of pride and a bit seductive.

About The Reapers: "The Reapers" A Guild composed of mostly Demons and Monsters that work for the Grim Reaper "Osiris Number" and his second in command and wife "Vita Number". All Reapers including the Grim Reaper himself (with the exception of Vita who uses a beam Scythe) each wield special weapons called "Note Scythes". Magitech Scythes with instruments built into them. These weapons are used to allow them to summon and round up lost souls and spirits such as the "Phantasms". As well as cast power "R Spells" a unique type of Musical Spells that can only be cast using a "Note Scythe" or "Note" weapon. Each member of this massive group is spread across the World of Alterra. Each assigned to a specific part of the world.

Eve Ventus (c) Kwame A. Fletcher a.k.a Kyanbu
artwork by Kyanbu
D-Universe, D-Resonate © Kyanbu

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