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2 May 2015 at 23:39:23 MDT

Originally posted to FA on 04/17/2015.

"You are now under my control.

Resistance is useless. Do not attempt to struggle.

Do not be afraid, for I will bring no harm to you.

My voice is all that matters to you; everything else is irrelevant.

Gaze deeply into my eyes as your mind drifts into slumber.

When you awake, you will follow my orders without question.

You will feed me as many sweets as I desire.

You will remove your clothes and bend over praise me with loving affection.

Temporary it may be, you are completely subservient to me."

Raimund trying to hypnotize someone into becoming his temporary servant.

Or something. I'll leave the interpretations up to you guys. I have one that I just thought up while typing this, but I'll save it for another picture.

I kinda cheated when I did this. On the paper, I only drew half the face. Then I copied it in Photoshop and flipped it and went from there.

It'd be nice if the Twirl filter affected the entire layer instead of leaving the corners untouched.

Also, perspective is hard. :/

Pokemon © Gamefreak
Raimund and art are mine.
Any critique is welcome.

Minor edit. You didn't see nuthin.

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