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Hello! My name is Kwandry Baasher (formerly Tahlyn). I'm a friendly red panda with powers to grow myself and others. While my "normal" height is 5'8", ever since awakening to my powers, I usually like to find myself between eighty and two hundred feet tall (but can also be bigger or smaller when needed).

Incredibly lucky to be dating the wonderfully talented and sweet nuclear_fusion! Zev, you are one big hunky pile of fox, and I'm so happy to know you!

Likes: meeting new people, having fun, playing with said people, "accidentally" knocking down buildings, playing with paws (mine and others)

Dislikes: intentionally hurting people, being cruel, people worshipping me or wanting me to worship them

NOTE: I rarely respond to faves and followers with thanks, but I AM super grateful for all of those that I receive!

I DO try to respond to every comment, shout, and note sent my way, so please, leave plenty of those!


ask first please

Latest Journal

Size Matters Episode 14 - 12/23/13

on 22 December 2013 at 22:10:38 MST

Kwandry and Kenson are joined by very special guest Harvey Fierstein to talk about his new-- wait, what's that? You say that's Dragonien?!! No way, that can't be possible! That voice... Wow... well, in that case, I guess we'll have to get Tauros to fill in, and because he has a Masters in Psychology, we're going to talk about just that! Of course, since we're SIZE MATTERS, it's going to be psychology of things big and small! Let's see if you can ANALYZE THIS!

Please send us your feedback! or, if that doesn't work, (they both go to the same place. x3)

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    Yaaay, I got followed by a cute and fluffy red panda! otterpawcuddles lots <3

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    Oh hey there! Thank you for following me! :3

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    getting THAT comment from you, you either didn't click on the link, or you're not the same Tahlyn/Macid that I know. I thought it was a coincidence, but seeing your "Never Let You Go" pictures for your writing, I was sure you were the Macid I knew on FA and TFF. I don't spam. I'm not some random asshole like that.

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    Thank you for the follow ^^

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    Thanks for followin', btw! ^^

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    He's a red panda. They get all the favs. ^^