Macro Kuro Noms 1 by kuroodod

Macro Kuro Noms 1


3 August 2015 at 13:09:10 MDT

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With all the kind things this little pikachu did for me at Anthrocon 2015, I just had to show some love. What better way to say "I appreciate yah" than to burp in your face and take a long experimental lick right? Macro love yo.

Stay tuned for more. Raichuu~

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    Curious, how often do you go macro? :3c I remember in the past you went pretty often. XD

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      Whenever I'm feeling up for it. x3

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        Mrrr, well bigger belly is awesome. >u< plops right into it hehe ^w^

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    Ooooh finally!~ Great to see this finished up! :D

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      Thank chu for saying. :3

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    Mmm~~ between a 'chu and a warm, licking place <3