Kuro the Big Butt Reindeer by Kurojima

Kuro the Big Butt Reindeer


24 December 2013 at 19:46:19 MST

Kuro heard about the new store call the Jingle Bells Bakery and about their pastries for the holidays, especially their Christmas cookies. So he decided to make his way down there, and to his surprise he was greeted by a very big and friendly reindeer. He was asked to sample a cookie, so graciously bit into one. His taste buds were dancing with sweetness from the single cookie, so much he couldn't help but to thank the kind reindeer and buy a few dozen of their sweets. Leaving the store with a bag filled with cookies, Kuro couldn't help but to indulge his sweet tooth with a few on his way around town. Soon, he started changing, growing fatter and forming a thick coat of fur and antlers, even though he couldn't tell for himself. Now here he is, finally finding out about his now massive reindeer behind.

Move over Rudolf, Kuro the Big Butt Reindeer is coming to town.

Art by the great   inktail

Tarrance "Kuro" Kurojima by me

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