We're Always Watching.. by Kuroikage

We're Always Watching..


30 April 2015 at 07:46:39 MDT

We all had our tragedies, our pains, sorrows, misery...and they all go unheard. For so long we all suffered to our misfortunes, we all were pained by our own loses. They all go unheard, everyone sings, plays, dances, enjoying their lives, and we are all here, watching them all, left in darkness.

Pain we feel, Pain we share, Pain we suffer, Pain we live through.

There are so many of those who gets shined upon by the beautiful strike of Light, while there are so few of us who are left alone in Darkness. We all fell to our own fears, and our screams go unheard. They all live and we feel happiness for them, but not for ourselves.

We all live in the dark, we all are left alone in the dark, we all suffer to the dark.

No light shines for us, but even so, it never lasts long. No one hears our calls, no one looks at us, no one feels our presence or spirits. We all have no other choice but to help those people, while they don't shine light on our darkness.

Why are you crying? Why are you sad? Shouldn't you be playing with your friends and family?

You can't make yourselves like us just to feel our pain. You can't make your tragedies be greater than ours, you have a true life to live, too much to lose, and meanwhile we have nothing to lose. We have friends, but they don't bother to see the true darkness inside us. You have your true light shined on you, but you cannot darken yourself.

Who are you little one? Are you lost? Where are your friends and family?

We had your friends and family taken from us, and we do not hate the takers, we must forgive them, for they must not suffer to the same darkness we suffer to. Life is such a beautiful and extraordinary thing that can't be judged. We all lived through pain and suffering, and now you tell me you have nothing to lose?

Oh little one, where do you have left to go? Do you see it? The true darkness that is your life?

We're all lost, we're all confused, no where to go, nowhere to call home, our lives are in shadow, where we follow and watch everyone, watching the light, never to feel it, never to live the true light, always to feel the false light. We all are haunted by our pasts, which we embrace inside of our hearts, only keep our faces bright, but it can't change our darkened hearts.

We all live in Darkness

We all live in Pain

Fear has left us, so has our Hope

We live to watch, we can never feel

Darkened Hearts, Bright Faces

Can you see what we are on the inside? Can you see our darkness? Do you know our pain? Do you know what we are now? We are the Watchers, who watch all of life as it goes bye. We are not immortal, but our darkness is eternal.

We all live in Darkness, only to watch, nothing more.

We are watching everything.

If you have that darkness...then you're not the only one.

Maybe you can listen to this to understand what this little poem means: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6TDupUNRjw

"The Only One" By Evanescence

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