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The Sorcerer's Dragon - Now Through Barnes & Noble! by Kryslara

The Sorcerer's Dragon - Now Through Barnes & Noble!


To my friends/watchers,

My book that just got recently published, The Sorcerer's Dragon, is apparently now through Barnes and Noble online :D You can find it here for $3.99 as a Nook Book:

Now just waiting for it to finally be released through and we'll be good XD

If you guys have read it and want to add a review, feel free :D Any positive reviews will help :heart:

For those who want to purchase it, you can find here:

If the link doesn't work, just go to and scroll all the way to the bottom until you see my book, The Sorcerer's Dragon by C.D. Muller, available for purchase for $3.99 USD :D

For those who are reading it, I hope that you guys are enjoying the story so far and feel free to share it with your friends and to spread the word to those who love fantasy and magic and dragons and stuff :D

Here is a small description of what the book is about for those who are interested:

"The destiny of the world has been written, and the kingdom of Oblivion shall reign over the earth.

When a demonic entity known only as the Sorcerer breaks free from the gates of Oblivion, a war broke out in the empire of Armageddon that lasted over one hundred years. This tragedy served as a distraction for the Sorcerer to search for a legendary blade known as Ragnarok that, according to religion, was created by the three Divine beasts that would give him the power as the ultimate ruler of the three worlds of Asgard, Oblivion, and earth.

The empire’s last ray of hope, Selena Ayladail, a fourteen year old girl with no memory of her past, begins to uncover the secrets behind Ragnarok while also researching the strange symbol on her left hand that she has had for as long as she can remember. However, what she unravels places her life in danger.

Throughout her adventures, she befriends an extraordinary dragon who she names Thor. As she and Thor adventure across the empire, Selena unravels the truth behind Ragnarok, her gift with magic, and experiences first-hand the true wickedness of the Sorcerer."