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.::Our.Solemn.Hour::.Selena.and.Thor. by Kryslara



Yes, I finally finished this painting during my 5 hour long livestream... XD OMG I'm so freaking tired and my hand hurts XD

LOL! I'm really happy with how this turned out. :) This is a redone for and also to commemorate my book that's getting published next month from Whiskey Creek Press. Silver has been drooling over this but is somewhat pissed that I didn't put him in the painting. That's Silver for you :P

Here is a picture that I just finished drawing of my two main characters from my book series, Selena Ayladail and her dragon partner, Thor. The two are a part of the Imperial Air Force of Dragon Riders. The outfit that Selena is wearing is part of her formal military attire for her to wear for special occasions (don't get any bright ideas guys, Selena is already taken and married to Silver Altessa :P). Thor is a Divinity Dragon, born and blessed from the egg of a Demonic Bloodscale dragon.