Dodrio by krowsy



8 December 2014 at 11:35:45 MST

Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 8

Today’s challenge was your favorite flying type. This one may come as a surprise, but Dodrio is probably my favorite. Back in the good old days of Pokemon Red/Blue, this thing was always on my team.

I tried to do a semi realistic piece here. I've seen a lot of photography lately of birds greeting the cool morning, and you could see their breath as they sang their little songs. I thought that might be a cool approach to this one, even though Dodrio isn't a cute little songbird.

The challenge can be found here!

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    While I am no Pokemon expert I've always thought of Dodrio almost like the Hideous Zipplebacks from How to Train Your Dragon. They have two heads, they have no ranged attack, they aren't very maneuverable in the air, so what are they good for?

    Very easy. They are the most badass melee combateers in the entire dragon world. Not only do they have the most powerful short-range attack (the gas explosion), but both heads can attack separate melee opponents, and they can turn themselves into flaming wheels of death.

    If you crossed a Hideous Zippleback with a chocobo, you'd get a Dodrio. They aren't flashy, but in their proper role there ain't no better Pokemon to have on your side.

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      That's a pretty good comparison! I guess I never thought about that before.

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    I love this composition and mood! Great idea with the silhouette. It looks so ominous. > 3 >

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      Thanks! I guess Dodrio is kinda ominous in a way... or at least one of its heads can be.

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    I think this turned out really cool. Probably one of the better renditions of Dodrio I've seen.

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    Awesome work here, Krowsy : )
    I love the atmosphere and colors palette of this piece!

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      Thank you very much! I was hoping I could get the lighting right, and it looks like I did!