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Axis of Conflict_Female Characters_Breed Silhouettes by KrossBreeder

Axis of Conflict_Female Characters_Breed Silhouettes


The anatomy is totally jacked in these pieces, and I will be correcting them. I built these as a rushed guide to keep my novel story-telling consistent and decided to post the concept work here. This is more of a process concept than an anatomical one!

One of my favorite things in the world is building all of the reference and mock-ups that go into a large project. Although these are just sketches (and not anatomical studies, per se) they provide a good sense for scale and general function.

This is one of the many panels showing the various female torsos of the known Kin within the Axis of Conflict universe and their size relationship to an average human female.

Within AOC, the Kin come in a variety of shapes depending on how complete, or severe, their transformation is. The more significant the transformation, the more digitigraded the legs become.

The range of sizes depends mostly on the Breed. For the Lacerta Kin, the average human woman would stand to just above the navel. On the opposite extreme, the Mus and Lapin Breeds are approximately two to three heads shorter than the average human woman.