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Axis of Conflict_Female Characters_Transformation Process by KrossBreeder

Axis of Conflict_Female Characters_Transformation Process


The anatomy is totally jacked in these pieces, and I will be correcting them. I built these as a rushed guide to keep my novel story-telling consistent and decided to post the concept work here. This is more of a process concept than an anatomical one!

One of my favorite things in the world is building all of the reference and mock-ups that go into a large project. I've probably spent more time on the preliminary ideations than the master project itself, but for a nerd like me, the development is the most fun.

These are simple sketches reflecting the general transformation process with the Axis of Conflict universe, broken out into various details.

The first row reflects a general path of the physiology from 100% human to 50% hybrid, demonstrating a loose understanding of the posture.

Rows 2, 3, and 4 illustrate some of the changes within the head, the upper torso, and the legs/tail. Row 5 brings them all together.

The final row concentrates on fur growth and coloration. This exercise focuses on the classic vixen.