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Crescent Blade by KronoGarrett

Crescent Blade

KronoGarrett - "Ain't No Suit" - Chroma Squad OST - Raphael Müller, Washington Rayk

For graafen

"Fighting you Spectra Rangers is almost shameful. I'm looking for a real test of my abilities."

This piece was one of those ones that just flowed together when it came to concept and composition. I'm not precisely sure why, but I really, really wanted to draw this out and when Renbymon got those high-quality scans...

Artwork © of me
Characters © of their respective owners
Super Sentai © of Toei
Power Rangers © of Hasbro

"Beta Four, I'm hoping these "cyberpunks" fare better than the "adolescents with attitude" we tried earlier. And you still haven't been able to fill the slots for Indigo and Yellow, have you?"
"Oy. I'm trying my best, Zaloom. I don't see you getting out of your jar to hang around in dive bars looking mysterious."

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Visual / Digital


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    Zen-Aku is wolftacular!

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      Oh, you just gave me an idea for a backup option for Viktor if metallic vinyl is unavailable, he'd probably look spectacular in black.

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        Glad I could provide. ^^

        Though, am you intend to do more of Zen-Aku sometime?

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          Not sure, it depends on if I revisit the Sentai stuff or not.

          Emil's team would probably ditch the colorful spandex and just set up an ambush. Whether or not it's lethal depends on if the wolf is just a punch-clock villain in this world. If that's the case, it's probably going to result in a karaoke party.