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Kimba versus R1 Biomech - Sketch by KronoGarrett

Kimba versus R1 Biomech - Sketch


Oozium was set aside in favor of something with an endoskeleton and the ability to follow orders...specifically, some (un)lucky splices that were part of the support contractor workforce for the Black Hole invasion. In the eyes of the Bolt Guard, they were A, intimidating to baselines, B, offered a novel platform for the mobilization of existing heavy weapons, and C, were disposable. Thus the Biomech series of living weapons was born and used against the Allied Nations of Wars World, proving to be sturdy and quite costly for the planetary forces.

...That is, until someone taught a certain lion how to fight with their brand-new opposable thumbs. Then it was just the fairly straightforward matter of calling down the grid square removal service on the stunned or downed biomech. On occasion Black Hole biomechs survived and surrendered due to command link failures and spent the rest of the conflict cooling their heels with a shaped-charge guillotine collar. (Trying to find a peaceful use for something at least the size of a Mobile Suit is an exercise left up to the viewer.)

Jungle Emperor Leo meets Advance Wars meets Ultraman. Does it need explaining? Probably not. This might get some scenery and color in the future.

Artwork © of me
Concept © of Alliedforce36
Wars francise © of Nintendo

"That's one way to serve up smackdown soup, Kimba!"

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