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Galleria Ultramar - 1000pt Army by kritheavix

Galleria Ultramar - 1000pt Army


I set myself a challenge in January 2017 where I wanted to finish an army in the course of a month. It had to be at least 1000pts of Warhammer 40,000 and I've already got so many Imperial Guardsmen it didn't bear thinking about drybrushing yet another! Instead I turned my attention to the sons of Ultramar, the poster boys of the setting themselves, and set about building in a frantic flurry of plastic glue and spray paint!

There are nicer looking Ultramarines elsewhere in this gallery that you can check out, but the experiment here was in getting a force ready for the table in as little time as possible... So, rather than taking a whole month, literally everything you see here was assembled, painted and based ready for gaming in a week, with a total of no more than two hours of time spent day. Batch painting really is the way forward! They're not going to win any painting competitions, but that's not the point of them, and they sure as hell surprised one of my regular opponents!

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    Oh wow very cool. Great work on the painting. I like your take for the egale shield on the one biker and your knealing ultramarine for the veterans.

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      I happened to have a shield spare from the Custodians in the Burning of Prospero box, and it seemed like the perfect thing to represent the Shield Eternal for my Captain. :)

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    Damn. I just don't know how you get so much depth to your gold. Mine always looks so flat!

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      In the case of the 'basic' gold look, I start from Retributor Armour, wash with Reikland Fleshshade and then on the mooks it's a drybrush of Sigmarite, but on the bigger areas on more important miniatures it's a quick highlight with Auric Armour Gold and a final edge of Liberator Gold.

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        I think it's the technique... I just can't seem to find the balance between noticable enough to look like it's shiny, and not making it look like a flat mess.

        I mix my own paints, btw. Once I tried doing that I NEVER looked back! I'm not even sure I could remember the last time I used paint straight from the pot.

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    Nice white too btw. You really balanced the blue good, and it contrasts with the blue armour really well!