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Galleria Imperialis - Kiki Bulldozer by kritheavix

Galleria Imperialis - Kiki Bulldozer


Something a little off the beaten track, here! I did say I'd upload something that wasn't a Space Marine Sergeant, and as promised, here she is. I'm still not entirely sure what to call her, as she'll be standing in as Nork Deddog in one of my Imperial Guard armies. Yes, that guy dangling up on her 'back scratcher' is to scale... she is a very big little woman! Space Marines stand juuust past her hips, it's bonkers.

The one bugbear I had during the painting process is that Raging Heroes' sprues have vents in strange places, meaning I had to very carefully trim them back from detail rather than snipping like I normally would and just assembling in a rush. Nothing too bad, but a little cumbersome if you're putting together a lot of their other miniatures. Perhaps unsurprisingly that's exactly what's on the table at the moment...

Highlighting large, flat areas of flesh is still a pain in the ass! I am, quite honestly, uploading just before she's actually finished - I still need to paint the teddy bear up on her back scratcher, there. The unfortunate strapped up to the top of that stick is painted to match the Chaos Guard army of a friend back in New Zealand... I don't know that he'd actually be complaining.

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    That is one badass paint job! Brilliant work.

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      Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how most of her turned out. There's a lot of experimenting going on. X3

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        Considering there was experimentation, the results are rad.

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    That is the modt unusual mini I've ever seen. Hella good paintjob.