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Dusty Scrolls - Gravity is Optional by KrissieFox

Dusty Scrolls - Gravity is Optional


The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is a very pretty and immersive game, I played it for a good amount of time, until I encountered the game's biggest flaw. If you don't build your character in a very specific way, the difficulty eventually spikes to the point where it just stops being fun. At that point I gave up on the game, and I still hope to one day encounter a mod for the pc version that may help balance the game's bullshit difficulty spike, so that I may dive back in and enjoy the game again.

Anyway, fun-killing design flaw aside, the game had a lot of humorous moments for me as well, so I made a bunch doodles and comics about it! They've taken a really long time to finish because my markers kept running out of ink XP (and we don't get to do family art club as often anymore, sadly) but I did finish this one a bit ago!

This one is making fun of the game's graphical glitches, such as that one time I found a fish swimming in the air in a dungeon, or the time I found some rocks floating around on a hillside. Bethesda seems to have only gotten worse with its glitches, from all I've heard about Fallout 76...

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