Old Books Smell Good by KrissieFox

Old Books Smell Good


12 July 2017 at 20:11:18 MDT

A few weeks ago I had a day to myself and went up to my local library for one of their 'movie days' where they usually put on a movie for the kids or the teens (was Cars 2 this time, I expected the concept of "secret agent cars" to be really cheesy, but it turned out to be a fairly cute story). Afterwards, I hit up the little book store and got a big stack of old cartoon vhs tapes and some Compilation books of that old comic strip, "Cathy"..I'd recalled it being recently referenced in one of my wife and I's binge-watchings of Buffy the vampire slayer, so it had been bouncing around in my brain a bit already...

This leads up to the other day, when I was reading one of them, and ...oh man...it smelled SO GOOD. Kind of a musty smell, I guess? But I really liked it. (I like a lot of smells. Like dryer Lint. Oh man! Dryer Liiint. sniffs, grins) The smell (and probably the subject matter, in part) brought back feelings of early childhood, old cartoons, Hippie imagery, nice colors, and the cool smelly (in a good way) old books I got from my grandma. So I wanted to illustrate that feeling..

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