The Divine Wasteland - Destroyed apartment by KrissieFox

The Divine Wasteland - Destroyed apartment


11 July 2017 at 23:58:04 MDT

Another sketch I did of my friend Merle's story. In this scene (spoiler warning) Val goes to her mother's apartment building to see if she is okay - only to find the apartment destroyed.

Drawing this, I learned that drawing a heavily damaged building is a pretty involved task. Photographic reference is so busy and messy it's hard to derive which details to draw in. And I found surprisingly very little reference outside of photos. I think it came out pretty decently, still. I kept these pictures as sketches because I wanted to really get in there and try to do a lot of little pencil details, shading and textures and such. I still don't really have the hang of doing good shading in traditional color mediums such as marker or colored pencil, but that is something I may try to improve upon one day, maybe even try doing colored versions of these. But for now, I wanted to upload the sketches together.

Jeez, I'm really rambly, and probably being kind of boring, tonight. I noticed I have a habit of using these comments sections to re-analyze whatever it is I just uploaded. I had way too much energy for most of the day so I guess I'm getting it out here..

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