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Happy Friggin' Holidays! <3 by KrissieFox

Happy Friggin' Holidays! <3


24 December 2016 at 17:09:56 MST

So, it's almost crimmus, and the month has been stressful for our household, as it is each year. The christian propaganda music playing at every other store, the plethora of people who just assume everyone celebrates the same holiday as them, the bastardization of pagan symbols for jesus-centered merchandise galore (because murdering the pagans wasn't enough).

After the tiring experience of people assuming I celebrate crimmus almost every time I left the apartment this month, I felt inspired to sit down and do this. I decided to expand it to cover lgbt issues too, seeing as between Drumph and the not-so-LGBT-friendly churchyfolk waving their giant "jesus penis"es in everyone's face - this month is pretty rough. The second comic features me making an ass of myself when I mistook this friggin' adorable Care ears character for a big tough lesbian...but turns out, he's a guy. It's good that he's not real, but I still felt bad for that. Last panel is based on characters from a lovely manga my wife lent me, "Day of Revolution". I highly recommend it if you enjoy cute manga with lgbt themes. beams

And for the record, as I suspect it may raise a few brows, I do sometimes call people cunts, yes. For me, it's always been an insult along the lines of "smelly, nasty unwashed vagina", akin to calling someone an 'asshole'. chuckles Anyone who knows me well should understand that about me, but if you're a newcomer I certainly wouldn't want to come across as misogynistic...oh wait, there I go being a PC Hillary-loving special snowflake again! Next thing you know I'll be holding assholes accountable for their own behavior! Watch out! laughs

Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals! <3

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    Happy Holidays to you and yours as well, dear. ^.^