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HoraceLand Character Chart - Horace by KrisRose

HoraceLand Character Chart - Horace


Originally uploaded on my deviantArt account
This was from an idea called HoraceLand (named after a joke from Disney's House of Mouse), which is my novella series based on the Disney characters Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow.

The story is basically about the counterparts of the characters teaming up to save their multiverse from certain destruction.

This chart focuses on the counterparts of Horace Horsecollar (one of which is missing but will appear in either a revised version of the chart or on his own.), all of which were given nicknames.
From left to right

Detective (based on the classic 30's shorts and Epic Mickey) - From finding missing jewels to catching crazy fools, he's the private detective who gets the score and almost never fails. However with his great skill comes with a major flaw and that is his pride; he's prone to be egotistical with his work and an even bigger showoff whenever it goes too far. But in the end he'll always pull himself together, swallow his pride, and set things right.

Tech (based on House of Mouse)- If it's electronic he's got it all : Cellphone, laptops, android tablets, and even a watch with digital cable built in. But with all the gadgets and devices he owns, he's shown to sometimes be extremely jealous of numerous things but never out of hatred. With that said his envy can get the best of him to the point where he acts like a child. On a brighter note he's great with poker games and has a friendly rivalry with Detective.

Assassin (inspired by Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers)- Born a blind man, he once served as musketeer and was even offered a position to be a general until he was betrayed and nearly killed by his captain. Luck however shined on him when he became Europe's notorious assassin, only striking upon corrupt political figures and extremely dangerous criminals. His weakness however is that he never rests , always forcing himself to fight and to train himself. It would take a miracle to make him catch at least one hour of rest.

Jinn (based on a design from a Mickey Mouse educational game from the late 1990's) - Looks can be deceiving for this little guy, on the outside he looks like a child dressed in a well made Halloween costume but in reality he's a 2001 year old genie who's been nearly drained of his magic. A long time ago he was once a proud servant to King Solomon until Solomon banished his best friend and punished him for his "disobedience" by sealing him inside a music box. Out of his prison and free from Solomon's grip, he searches far and wide for his best friend hoping to rekindle something that was lost. Jinn is well known to maintain a very positive outlook in the darkest of times and be the most playful of his brothers. His magic is very powerful but is limited due to the three rules: He can't kill anyone, he can't make anyone fall in love with anyone else, and he can't bring people back from the dead.

Timid (based on Mickey Mouseworks) - Never sure what to say, he's scared to speak a word fearing he might trigger anger. He works as a modest handyman, repairing and remodeling beat down homes. In his spare time he's fond of playing tennis and fixing full scale model cars and small model trains. When it comes to meeting ladies, good luck he can't even look at one without blushing and speaking complete and childish gibberish. But when it comes to his friends he's always ready to help out, whether he likes it or not.

Pandoro (based on Kingdom Hearts) - Cakes, cookies, and pastries of all kinds, he's a master when it comes to creating the finest pastries. Nicknamed after his favorite Italian pastry, he loves to make all kinds of desserts and experiments with new ways to make enjoyable treats for all walks of life. In the times he's not cooking or sampling sweets he helps with event plannings and supervises selected activities (ex: Fruitball). There's never a moment where he's not drinking a root beer float or enjoying a bear claw, it's surprising he never gains a single pound from his extreme sweet tooth.

Tutor (based on The Prince and the Pauper) - Strict and headstrong, he doesn't have time for any fun at all mainly because he's into his books and his work as the royal philosopher. At times he's shown to be a snob but other times he can be cowardly and admits his own faults. He's very intelligent and can at times be a jerk, only to prove his points are the most accurate (though sometimes he can be wrong). When it comes to children his tolerance is very low to the point where he can easily scare a child with just one glare.

Sorcerer (inspired by Wizards of Mickey) - Free from his accidental imprisonment he's spends his days reading and writing scrolls of both his wisdom and his magic. He specializes in weather altering turning a scorching summer day into the coldest winter storm with the snap of a finger. It was once rumored he caused a solar eclipse that lasted three days and made the raindrops into drops of butter beer. Whether those rumors were true, he only uses his magic when he feels it's most needed. Even though many come to him for help or guidance, he longs to have fun and be out in the world as a normal person even if it was for just one day.

ID (based on my other project Interstellar Detectives) - Childish at times and serious in a split second, he's a daring and foolish guy with one thing on his mind: to better understand the unexplained. After all he's fought shape shifting entities, demons, and intergalactic criminals of all shapes and sizes and still managed to attend his niece's school play on time by the end of the day. Curious can be the only word to describe him, he's fond of exploring new worlds and bringing home at least one object from his journeys. But if there's one thing that can get him in trouble the most is obviously his curiosity and his nature of actions before words.

MH (based on the unmade Maximum Horsepower; design by MadameRio ( ) - The most down to Earth out of the ten and pretty much the mature adult. He's more into to finding a reason and explanation to nearly everything incident that he witnesses. At times he can be the one to call out false and even disprove Tutor's points even when no one can reason with him. MH is noted as being the calmest of the bunch as of course being the reasonable one as well. He and ID alone are exact opposites of each other though they both carry the honor or being intergalactic heroes.

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