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Maxi-Gain 18 (Colored) by kriredor123

Maxi-Gain 18 (Colored)


26 March 2015 at 12:42:49 MDT

Eh, not like the planet hasn't been hit by large objects before.

Art by (FA account (
DogFox belongs to, comic commissioned by dogfox (Original page here:
Colors by Kriredor123 (Me!)

Maxi Gain macro giant huge mega muscle buff pecs biceps abs calves thighs drink shake free sample workout bodybuilding weightlifting space orbital planet moon foot stomp impact debris bulk pump up Jolly Jack comic celestial calisthenics Dog Fox

If YOU want to have your pictures colored, I'm open for coloring commissions RIGHT NOW! Donations are appreciated, as well! Take a look at my profile for more information!


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    Nice job on this, and Maxi-Gain 2. The colors make Jollyjack's linework pop so nicely.

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      I didn't color Maxi-Gain 2 (that was But I suppose our coloring styles for these comics are pretty similar!

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        Whoops, my bad! You've both done excellent jobs, though.

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          Thanks, I appreciate the praise. If you want, I can color any sketches you've received. Would you be interested in discussing the possibility sometime?

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            Well, I'm about to head to MCFC this weekend, so my funds are going toward that at the moment. But afterwards I'm open to the idea!

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              Sounds good. Hope you have fun at the convention!

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    nice work