Be Prepared [TLK Metal Cover] by Kraest (critique requested)

Be Prepared [TLK Metal Cover]

Be Prepared [TLK Metal Cover] (critique requested)


25 August 2015 at 14:06:06 MDT

I finally got around to doing the vocals on this! 8D

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    Impressively done, I dare say!
    I find your voice, and vocals on this, to be most enthralling and charismatic. It does justice to Scar's character but it also manages to add in your own personal style and character. Wonderful!
    I also cannot help but feel that you have done a few improvisations here and there, haha.

    All in all, a performance I very much appreciated.
    And I found the instrumentals to be exquisite and overtly finespun too! Especially the drums, the guitar, and that... glorious solo!

    Magnificent, I dare say! Congratulations!

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      Goodness! Thank you so much! This song has been a favourite of mine since I first saw the movie in theatres, and I've had the instrumental version of this waiting for vocals for around a year, now.

      Thank you so very much for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

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        If there is one thing I would comment on the song, though, is that I felt you let the potential scatter away at "Seen for the wonder I am".
        In the original song, Scar does a powerful intonation of that verse, emphasizing his own ego, and I think you could have done something very skin-chilling if you shouted as powerful as he did back then.

        But not to fret, overall, my impression of this cover still stands: It is exquisite and overtly finespun!

        And it was my pleasure to comment on such a masterpiece!

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          Unfortunately, I can't sing as high as he does in that section unless I go falsetto, which would absolutely destroy any kind of power in that line, so I had to do the best I could with what I have. I do have a four octave range, but only one and a half of it is usable without singing falsetto.

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            Ah, I see. Well, I felt the need to share my thought concerning that. I am certain you did not mind my attention to your ear-fornicating-melodies, hopefully :P

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    Amazing, I love this man! Your voice is perfect!

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      Aww, thanks so much! The only part I wish I could have done better was "And seen for the wonder I am!", but my voice doesn't go that high unless I sing falsetto.

      ...which would be pretty funny, not that I think of it, if Scar were to sing that in falsetto. XD