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Γειασας ,

Ονομάζομαι κούκλα

悍威 良性 素朴

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frequently asked questions

Για σου

my name is kate but you either know me as koukla or shiba... i don't mind what you call me

i've done this journal because i don't really like posting journals much, so this FAQ will always be here in case you want to know stuff about me for some reason i don't know (゚∀゚*)


i guess i'm a greek australian who likes to draw a lot

i'm 17 and turning 18 on may the 2nd,

i'm not exactly fluent in greek but trying very hard to learn, so excuse me if i feel the need to drop in some greek blabber if we end up talking (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

vent art is common in my gallery because art is the only way i can actually express myself

i'm not very good at talking

i'm a little antisocial but i love it when people chat it up with me so feel free to!

these are the places you can find me (if you want to add me on skype or steam please just let me know who you are so i'm not adding randoms!) (;゙°´ω°´)

steam: shibakenko

skype: shibanoxy

charahub: shibakenko

furaffinity: koukla

deviantart: kadenko

youtube: shibakenko

do you like fanart?

yes, i do! i love it (●´ω`●) you may draw any of my characters. and you do not have to have permission!

can i put your art anywhere else?

you may! but please source me, if you don't i will be cross ( ⊙_⊙ )

what do you draw with?

i use a large wacom tablet and photoshop cs5

how long have you been drawing?

since the dawn of time ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

where did you get your style from?

i am inspired by a lot of japanese pop artists, french cartoonists and graffiti artists. i think most graffiti is a beautiful form of expression and i take a lot of inspiration from that

are you into drugs or hallucinogens?

most definitely not, because of some issues i have mentally, i have been told they will flare up nasty things in my brain and make things worse for me. although i have no qualms with people who do (i often work with people who are under the influence and it does not bother me), i do not do any myself, and never will

mental health?

i do not discuss it publicly, in respect i would like it if you did not ask about my mental health

what does <this artwork> mean?

it's up to you what my experimental art means- i don't mind if it's incorrect or correct, i think it's great when people interpret things differently!

are you therian?

despite me referring to the shiba inu as me a lot... i do not consider myself to be an animal, but i do feel very comfortable (a little too comfortable) being represented as one in my fursona (╯▽╰)


i used to take them a lot but now not so much, i only like to take them when i am on holiday


i will only do it sometimes, i am often not available but feel free to message me!


no, thank you


no commissions from me for a long time. i don't like having people pay for my art, i do it because i like it!

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    accept trades art now? =o

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    OH MY GOODNESS YOUR SO WELCOME! I love how your style has a bit of a POP to it! Never mind you can tell how much work you put into to it with such lovely details alone! You keep up this fantastic work, and more love is to come! ヾ[|●‘∀’●|]♥

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      thank u so much omg!!!!!! u are the SWEETEST!!!!! THANK U OMG!!!!!!!

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    I love your art! You have a really neat art style! C:

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      thank you so much!!!

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    omg i love your art so much could i have a other request? if thats not a problem o: