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Update: Comms Open! KoFi Started!

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Hey Nerdlings,

There's a couple of things I want to touch base on now that the new rig is working out well and things have been slowly but surely getting back to a regular schedule. Art and Streaming included.

First up, Commissions are finally back OPEN!
Now that I have a rig that doesn't want to explode every time I turn it on. That means I can finish up the last of my current queue and open up a few more spots for new commissions all in one go. So if your interested in treating yourself or someone special with a shiny new piece of art then look no further than my Carrd linked down below.

Prices listed are starting prices and can vary based on things like complexed designs, detailed backgrounds, and other additions. Please make sure to read through my Terms of Service before reaching out about your commission. From there feel free to poke me either in DMs, through Discord (KosmicKaijuu#1536), or through my Email (


And now for the other half of my announcement,

Admittedly I've never been really good at asking anything of people. I've spent my whole life trying to do things on my own to the best of my abilities. Especially when it comes to my goals and dreams for the future.

With that said, I've realized over the last year that support from others every now and then is never a bad thing to accept. Sometimes it can be the much needed push one requires to keep moving forward towards the things they want the most in life.

So with that lesson in mind I'm taking a chance and announcing that I've launched Membership Tiers over on my KoFi.

Similar to Patreon each tier unlocks exclusive content and goodies for everyone to enjoy! So if you've been following me along this journey and supporting my work as we grow a bigger and better community together, I invite you all to check out my KoFi linked down below.

Though not mandatory nor expected by any means. As all the love and support you guys have offered me thus far has been a blessing beyond words. Should you decide to subscribe I will be eternally grateful as your helping me to keep my dream job as an Artist and Content Creator.

Thank you all for being awesome as always,
Stay safe and stay lovely ♥♥



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