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2015 Prices & ToS by Korth

2015 Prices & ToS


Please e-mail me if you are interested in a commission!

Sketches - $15
+1 character is $5
White BG /w sketch done in any colour of your choice.

Inks - $25
+1 character is $10
White or Transparent background

Flat Colour - $35
+1 character is $15
Solid, gradient or transparent background

Full Colour - $45
+1 character is $20
Solid, gradient or transparent background

Please feel free to ask about icons, badges, reference sheets or anything else you don't see listed!

What I will/won't Draw:

What does it all mean?

Fave: I love this personally and/or love drawing it
Yes: I'm not really into it, but I don't mind drawing it
Maybe: Might or might not draw it, feel free to inquire
No: Will NOT draw

NOTE: Any baby fur/cub refers to ADULT SITUATIONS. I don't mind drawing them in G rating. Diapers are okay if they're CLEAN.

Please feel free to ask about any subject/fetish before inquiring about a commission.

Payment is generally due in full up front. If you have any problem with this, feel free to ask.
Payment is via PayPal only.
All prices are in USD and should be sent to me in USD.

On inked/flat/full color images I will offer a sketch to be approved before moving forward.
Any requests for changes after the image is complete may incur a extra charge before being done.
Free edits on any mistakes on my part, like I used the wrong color or missed a detail you specified.

You are free to ask for a refund at any time. If I have done any work, that will be subtracted from the refund. (IE you paid for a 1-character full color, and I already did the sketch prior to your request, you would get $30 back)

I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission at any time for any reason. This generally will result in a 100% refund since I decided to cancel it.
(If, however, I have cancelled a commission that has already been started because of extreme difficulty/pickiness or abuse/harassment/etc. - you will be refunded based on how much work is done.)

Contacting Me
You may contact me via notes or e-mail at any time: Korthie [AT]
Please try to refrain from excessive contact.
I do not use skype or anything else like that, sorry.

I do not stream artwork/commissions. If you MUST watch me stream your commission, there will be an additional charge. Please let me know this when requesting a commission so I can factor it into the price.

I retain all copyrights to the artwork created, you however may post it to your own gallery as long as you credit and link back to me.
You are not allowed to sell the images, sell prints or make profit from it in any way.

Submission Information

Visual / Animation