unknown chibi profile by KoriK

unknown chibi profile


15 May 2014 at 10:41:58 MDT

Character profile

Name: —

Age: — but apparently getting older..?

Sex+Gender: 8U NO IDEA. Is referred to by clients in the manner that suits the clients best.

Sexuality: Is a professional courtesan, and is not known for being picky.

Species: Some form of crocodile/plant mix that I made up and I like, actually, whups.

Defining/notable traits: Hair is primarily white but is, in fact, made of organic plant-life that can change color depending on the season. This trait carries over into the leaves that spring from its legs and arms where there are times when they become thicker, slimmer, or whatever - eventually falling off and leaving a mostly reptilian impression during the cold months. These leaves tend to spread out while they are in the sun, resulting in very little need to eat anything, and, if water is scarce, they can, at times, loose their leg-leaves and grow roots instead. They have a flock of birds tattooed on their face, coming from their missing eye, and the symbol of their House is on their forehead.

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