Team Captains, Assemble!! by Korban

Team Captains, Assemble!!


30 November 2017 at 08:48:08 MST

Another year, another FanExpo.

Once again, my friend, Toni Zhang has delivered unto me a masterpiece. This time focusing on all of the team captains that have been featured in the Rescue Team Valiant series myself and have going on.

from top to bottom we have:

Jake Talonclaw (Shiny Talonflame): Squadron Leader of the Red Talons
Sickle (Grovyle): Captain of Team Kama
Volcan (Blaziken): Arc Island Survivor, Captain of Team Phalanx.
Torolf (Swampert): Captain of Team Warmachine
Luke (Lucario): Captain of Team Valiant
Romulus (Houndoom): Former Gladiator, Captain of Team Phobia

Pokemon belongs to GameFreak

Art belongs to Toni Zhang

Romulus, Sickle, Volcan and Torolf belong to

Luke and Jake belong to me.