Flying Over Concrete by Kompy

Flying Over Concrete


27 August 2014 at 11:04:15 MDT

Character bio:

"So you care to race, little Swellow? Fine, then, we can race. I'll even let you eat me if you win. Not that you will, of course.

...Ahhh, why did they have to ruin that mural? It's one of my favorites. If I spot the artist around, I'll give them my condolences...but first, I finish up my morning escape. Then, and only then, will I be ready to get back to the ugly reality."

So after a day of very nice ups and very very unpleasant downs, my mind was too messed up to do anything productive like "sleep". So I went back to think of the good parts, specifically my uncle picking me and mom up to head to Santurce to watch the 5th annual Santurce es Ley (Facebook link, mostly in Spanish) street art exhibit that more or less took over the entire town. The exhibit, needless to say, was inspiring.

So I wanted an excuse to draw something inspired by the rivalry between the town-sanctioned murals and the rather mean-spirited graffiti art. This being me, of course, I had to go and ruin a perfectly good idea by making the concept pokemon-themed and throwing in a Pokemorph to boot; in this case, my parkour-obsessed Accelgor, Aina, who I've not drawn in a while.

Also I wrote the haiku. Why? I was inspired, I suppose.

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    Really wonderful art piece, it is just so refreshing, pretty appealing to the eye. It looks dynamic and everything. Love the regi mural myself, lol. Magnificent work.

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      Thank you! :D

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    this is wonderful dynamic :D great job on the bg/graffiti.