Komos and Royce on the prowl! by Komos and Goldie

Komos and Royce on the prowl!

Komos and Goldie

2 July 2016 at 13:25:24 MDT

Komos and Royce (aka Furio) in the AnthroCon 2016 fursuit parade. Great to see these two!

Screengrab from the WTAE-TV live transmission. Nice framing from the camera operator here, aided by a fortuitously-timed click of my finger.

Komos' kostume designed and constructed by the incomparable Artslave (based on his awesome comicbook appearances, courtesy of Aggrobadger and Karno).


2:31pm EST, Saturday July 2nd 2016.

UPDATE: The official Fursuit Parade count for Anthrocon 2016 is: 2,100 exactly!


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    Nice! :D I see you and the walrus are both on, both lookin super sharp XD

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      Many thanks for your comment and fave!

      Right this moment it's Oliver (Goldie) typing and not Komos, but I know I speak for Joe as well: Komos' tail is a miracle of motion, his face gorgeously sinister. You've transformed Aggro Badger's and Karno's illustrations on paper into a fursuit reality, and it's awesome!