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Alien plants and poisonus half-babies by Kodoukat

Alien plants and poisonus half-babies


28 March 2016 at 08:25:22 MDT

I honestly love how this came out,
Hetka Ma, holding a native plant to Olgim Diem, the city in the background is Havarack. one of the major cities on O.D.

Hetka Ma(C)Kodoukat/teresa I
Oglim Diem, Havarack(C)Kodoukat/teresa I.
Nullian(C)Kodoukat/teresa I
Irken(C)Jhohnen Vasquez


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    HECKIE I'm just gonna fave bomb you cause your characters are awesome and your coloring is freakin' gorgeous __

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      Awww thank you ^^, I'm glad you like my work