Kobi LaCroix Commission Info (OUTDATED) by Kobi LaCroix

Kobi LaCroix Commission Info (OUTDATED)

Kobi LaCroix

8 April 2013 at 17:40:47 MDT

[This page is OUTDATED. Please view my profile page for up-to-date info.]

Terms and Conditions (AKA That Stuff Nobody Wants To Read):

•Acceptable Subject Matter:

•Will draw gladly (and possibly fap to while drawing): Multifur, conjoinment, transgender TF, human-to-anthro TF, anthro-to-anthro TF, anthro-to-car TF, anthro-to-tree TF, tree-to-anthro-to-human-to-bug-to-pinball-machine TF (for the right price), light bondage, latex, spandex, taurs, artistic nudity, incest, modular furs, robot furs, cyborg furs, rubber furs, liquid furs, chocolate furs, jello furs, pool toys, absorption, weird and ethically questionable science experiments, excessive cum, cocktongues, crossdressing, costume TF, werewolves, weed, werewolves on weed, autofellatio, interdimensional portals, and anything I find really funny.

•Not my thing but might be willing to try in certain circumstances: Macro, soft vore, mind control, cock TF, oviposition, inflation, tentacles, consensual torture, feral-on-feral, sneezing, tickling, fisting, sharks, Japanese gundam robots, and Alan Rickman. If it's in this list, it either means I'm not good at it, or it just doesn't interest me. There's a slim chance I might try it, but you're better off asking someone else.

•Absolutely not, no way in hell, get the fuck away from me: Graphic violence, dismemberment, amputation, cannibalism, scat, watersports, vomit, rape, obviously underage characters in sexual situations, extreme obesity, hard drugs, fascist propaganda, the Harlem Shake, bestiality, bees up the ass, characters with breasts or genitals so unfathomably huge that you can't even see the rest of their bodies, that one condition where every part of your body becomes a penis sprouting multiple penises all leaking some kind of runny orange discha…you know what, I'm just gonna stop there.

Basically, anything you see in my gallery is fair game. If you're not sure what I'm willing to do, ask! You may be surprised.

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