Wiighra by Kobi LaCroix


Kobi LaCroix

28 June 2015 at 21:32:41 MDT

I realized recently that when I had purged my Fur Affinity gallery, I'd essentially vaporized a significant chunk of my artistic output from the entire internet. My Weasyl gallery contains most of my work from 2011 onward, but anything I produced before that, if I ever put it online, only exists in fairly obscure places such as the Zen Cavern or my old disused VCL gallery. This includes any art featuring a certain favorite character, of whom I haven't done a proper drawing since 2010.

Wiighra is a spirit of good fortune and high-class living, known to grace fine restaurants and leave very generous tips. He has the astounding ability to eat and drink in copious amounts, yet never gains a pound or gets even the slightest alcohol buzz. Before leaving an establishment, he pays for his meal, leaves his tip, replaces everything he's consumed, and if he can't find anything in the food that needs improving, he leaves a substantial gift for the entire kitchen staff. It's also a closely guarded secret, but he has a passion for doughnuts. Offer him a dozen doughnuts, and he'll let you have your way with him for the night. This is an opportunity not to be missed, as he is as exceptional a lover as he is a gourmet. A one-man orgy, if you will. If you can satisfy him carnally, you'll be rewarded with the full range of his abilities for 24 hours. He is also the founder and proprietor of the Infinity Bistro, an impossibly good and even more impossible-to-find restaurant.

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    Ive heard of having anthird leg but this is rediculous!

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    I love your multi characters so much. x) You just make them so expressive and natural looking. Also that necklace is really clever. Multifur fashion!

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    "If you can satisfy him carnally, you'll be rewarded with the full range of his abilities for 24 hours."

    So... there are people out there who want him to do them so much they could do anything?