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Hello Everyone! My name is Knon (kay-non). K for short.

For Commission Openings, check the little commission/trade/request settings above, and/or my FA(also Knon)!

-------I am a Feral artist. I don't tend to draw anthro (ever).

------Some fetish you may find in my gallery deal with, but are not limited to, non-anthro, interspecies, hyper, hard vore, non-con/rape, size difference, incest, and other things that haven't yet been drawn. If this doesn't align with your moral compass, I suggest you turn around now.


I have a rather thick hide when it comes to offending someones personal morals, and I'm not oppose to giving as good as I get.

I draw what I enjoy, and if you have a problem with it. Well. It IS your problem to start with, and I would rather you not make it my own, Haha.

-------DO keep in mind, I DO NOT take deadlines, as I work on pieces when I have inspiration for them. I refuse to force out artwork, so wait times may end up closer to months rather than days. You may request refunds as long as I have not started/posted the sketch. If I've started on the sketch, refunds will be at my discretion and will reflect the remainder of the work to be done, not the entire price of the piece.

-------Paypal: (This is not MY e-mail. I do not check it. This paypal is 'on loan' from a friend. DO NOT mention anything obscene/furry/sexual in ANY notes for this paypal! NOTE ME with YOUR paypal information when you send payments and we can keep tabs that way.)



Latest Journal

FA Down - Forgot I had a Weasyl

on 13 December 2013 at 02:03:57 MST


I definitely need to pay more attention to this *and my sofurry, which I also forgot was a thing* in light of the recent massive site failure of FA. I'm not sure why I keep forgetting about here when I love the layout and features far more. But I guess it's hard when the majority of commissioners (not artists) still rely on FA as their main hunting grounds.

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Commission Prices

All Commissions
from $ 5.00
to $ 300.00

At the moment, my commission prices are MOST UP TO DATE via my FA Commissions Tab :

I'm in the process of reworking prices *yet again* and updating both sites appropriately. NOTE: These prices are not set in stone prices and are more guidelines. Prices for commissions will vary in the future.


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    Do you happen to know or be the artist/author for Family Secrets of Pride Rituals. I was checking out your gallery, very nice by the way, and I noticed Stray. He looks like a character from the Pride Rituals comic.

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    Another one that left with out a trace! O-O!

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    Yeah, you better except my friend request. <3

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    Oh hey, you're over here too. Rad.

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      Yeah, I kinda forgot I had an account here already when I tried to sign up XD

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    Oh man Lion King styled art yessssssss.

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    Oh one of my fav feral artist is here :')

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    :D <3 I see a babu <3