Lore: Zahk Au'rath by Knightpone

Lore: Zahk Au'rath


9 August 2019 at 10:34:32 MDT

Zahk Au'rath - Born into the tribe of the Kilshora has been shamed from the very moment he was conceived. The Kilshora would make a habit kidnapping any ponies that scoured the thick jungles where they called home, if they weren't taken by the various wildlife that haunted it first. Ponies were, in their eyes, an inferior race. Once stolen they'd be kept as salves, ransom, or entertainment in the arena. But never as breeding, for to mix their genes would be the upmost blasphemy. Unfortunately there was always the one apple to fall from the tree. Zahk's father was said to have been one of the most mightiest warriors their tribe had to offer. His name, fame and accomplishments all wiped from their history the day he fell for one of their captives, a mare who's name that has also been lost to time. Normally the mare with carrying the brat would be killed on the spot, along with the blasphemous race traitor to mate with them. But because of his father's name alone he alone was executed for his crimes, while allowing the infant to be born and have his mother condoned to an unknown fate.
All throughout his life Zahk was ridiculed and harassed by his leaders and pears. Even thought he had the appearances of a natural zebra from the face, stripes and physique, his tail a noticeable standout even through the work he took to match it with his mane. The higher-ups of the Kilshora provided a special punishment for him, essentially put as nothing but a work horse with no access to even the most simple of pleasures. Only allowed to cook, work, and hunt for others. Forced to sleep out in the cold, even in the rain, prohibited from from the tribes festivities and even disallowed to mate. As he grew he exhibited more of the strength and cunning his deceased father once did, becoming a natural hunter and all around worker as he grew older. Finally one day, as he was sent out hunting alone, he came across a traveling party of ponies. Unlike the usual pack they were obviously seasoned warriors, one of which being a powerful wizard in their ranks. Instead of fighting, or even running however, he dropped his hunting spear and asked to join them.
They accepted, guiding him back to modern civilization where the next chapter of his life began.


So I wanted to try adding some backstory to a character for once, plan on making similar posts with art accompanying them like this one in the future. For now we get to get a look into Zahk's previous life before turning into the shy lil nerd he is today. How he bacame that from the honed edge hunter he used to be? I'll explore in a further post.

This sketch was done by the ever so great MinisculeTask when I was at Bronycon this year. Needless to say their style with tribal settins is beyond amazing and it's some of the best money on a commissions i've spent.
Now to find somewhere to put it on my wall.

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