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Broken by K-Libra



When Krux finally takes Avye's wing she panics. She feels the grip of humanity take firm hold over her, take her bliss and clarity away. He power leaving her so quickly she lashes out, but alas her once ultimate power is a memory, even with a weapon that made divinity and damnation shudder with awe and fear. Krux takes her arm for her troubles and Avye, who tenuously held the power of God, fell to the good earth. She lay dying, defeated, human... broken. Her conquest, ambitions of an existence surpassing the creator of all, flashed before her tender mind. Avye's efforts fell to a single being that she trusted and ran from her. He couldn't see the beauty of her order, of her love. The fury overflowed in her it touched the core of the weapon. A weapon not bound by shape or size, but bound to the wielder. Ebbing with her fury it gives her power in turn for her sanity and self. Avye becomes a vessel to embody all that is her ire. Before she is ready to die a lowly human, she would now obliterate everything and everyone. Krux's struggle becomes now a situation of desperate survival.

This is an idea for the end of Krux's first story arc.

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