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Eorl Ælfric on His Throne by Klezmer Gryphon

Eorl Ælfric on His Throne

Klezmer Gryphon

20 October 2020 at 11:48:39 MDT

"The wise eorl of Hwæltun tilts his head as you approach with your request, an examining gaze from his weary amber eyes taking in every detail of the person before him. Ælfric taps his staff on the stool his feet rest upon as he leans forward, ears standing up and open to listen to what you have to say."

"'Well, now, what's on your mind? What needs my attention?' Ælfric asks with a gentle but firm tone, fingers wringing over the top of his cane..."

This is a piece I've wanted to draw for a while: a middle-aged Ælfric at the height of his reign as eorl of Hwæltun, where he is well-regarded as a beloved, wise and benign benefactor of his subjects. Initially I wasn't sure what sort of feeling I wanted out of this, but the gentle lean forward with his hands on his walking stick and the slight tilt of the head I think really sells the idea that Ælfric is a gentle and wise ruler that is genuinely interested in hearing and finding solutions to his people's problems.

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