Into the Adorabrynth by o-kemono by Kjorteo

Into the Adorabrynth by o-kemono


15 February 2014 at 18:49:44 MST

Original art by   Ookami Kemono.

FurFright 2012 was a time when I would finally get to meet up with friends I had known online forever. Etrian Odyssey III was a big thing at the time, and we looked forward to finally getting to try out the otherwise-never-used multiplayer sea quest feature. Perhaps our parties could join forces and defeat the Elder Dragon! I had a strategy worked out and everything; if I sent my Prince, Hoplite, and Monk, and the other contributions included some sort of damage dealer and someone who could bind heads, this could totally work.

In the end, it ended up not working at all, because it turns out EO3's multiplayer mode only lets you send a single party member per person. If you want a full five-character party, you need five real-life people. So, never mind on that.

Still, the idea I had in my head before that particular dream was crushed was awesome enough that I wanted to get someone to draw it. I pitched the idea of our characters dressed up as the roles in our totally awesome combined party--Teo, Shace, and Sara filling the roles of my Prince, Hoplite, and Monk, etc.--and was met with enthusiastic support. O-Kemono brought this vision to life with his trademark adorable art style, and the end result is perfect.

Teo the Prince, Ahrashace the Hoplite, and Sara the Monk = Kjorteo
DavidN the Zodiac = DavidN
Isla the Gladiator = Iron-K


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    This was always a fantastic picture! :)


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      We were always absolutely thrilled with it :)

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    Brilliant :) And it's still my desktop!