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Ardei Sprites by Kjorteo

Ardei Sprites


Since Ardei is the newest addition to our system, he needed a sprite like ours.

Or, like, maybe several sprites, because I made a base so I could have various outfits on top of it, and I made the armor like the OC had alongside a casual outfit that he designed now that he's away from all the fighting and such, plus versions of each with and without that half-helmet thing with the trailing cloth.

I may have gone a little overboard here, is what I'm saying. I mean, our new icon really only needed one single south-facing neutral standing frame, and I went and made fully functional four-directional walk cycles for each outfit option.

You know, I don't really consider myself a visual artist as far as, like, freehand drawing, but I like how these sprites are turning out. I think I might actually be getting somewhere with these.


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    These turned out great. I'd say they make a nice welcome gift for Ardei. :D

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      Celine: Thank you! It took forever to get the whole set made up like this, but totally worth it. <3

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    Ardei is a real cutiepie! <3

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      Ardei: *Blush* You have my thanks..