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Clothed Woodrat by Elijah (Bird Looke) by Kjorteo

Clothed Woodrat by Elijah (Bird Looke)


29 January 2016 at 20:03:08 MST

Original artist: Elijah (BirdLooke BirdLooke)

For Teo's new outfit, I wanted something feminine but that still covered everything. For one thing, I'm just not a huge fan of the low-cut spaghetti strap type look anyway. For another, if (years down the line, not guaranteed or anything, don't hold your breath, but if) I ever get a fursuit, I'd probably want a partial, and thus would need a sufficiently complete costume-like outfit that can cover everything the partial doesn't.

I was a little stuck on the shoulder area in particular until Undertale came out and my new favorite alley gator showed me how it's done. So, I was thinking maybe take something like Rydia as a base, turn the top into something that covers at least like an actual shirt would, and put a Bratty poncho on top, that takes care of everything waist up. For the lower half, lose the boots and add some harem pants, and... done?

It was my first idea, anyway, but I needed to get a visualization of how it all fit together to see if I liked it or if it needed further tweaking. Fortunately, Elijah was kind enough to help out with some concept art!

Note that I have no idea what color/pattern anything is because I'm not that far yet; I just need to work out the shapes and general design for now.

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