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Team Mystic Badge (Original Pattern) by KiyoPi

Team Mystic Badge (Original Pattern)


Team Mystic Badge (Original Pattern) - Finally was able to visit a Pokemon GO Gym and picked my team (honestly because Tora was already on the blue team and I liked the color lol). This is done in the mini-beads so it's nice and small and badge sized. (^__^) Wore it out tonight while we were hunting in my neighborhood. Of course everyone in our crew wants one now. X3 What have I gotten myself into. lol thanks Tora for the lovely pattern, my thinks it came out great with the 3 colors of blue that are offered in the mini-beads.

Side-bar; I will likely have these available for purchase at the next con I attend, but if you'd like to order them early I am planning pricing @ $25 (please add $5 for shipping in the US, contact me otherwise). Working on the two other patterns over the next few days and should have them posted soon. Sorry in advance for the slightly higher than I would like pricing, but if you try to set the mini-beads you'll quickly know why. lol

Sidebar-bar; This is obviously NOT our original idea or concept, however the pixel pattern was created from scratch using the actual logo for reference. Please do not copy, reproduce, steal, distribute or otherwise sell this pattern. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Pixel Art by: Toradoshi or Kiyo Pi
Perler & Melt by: Kiyo Pi
Original Characters: Are (c) by respective owners, please be respectful of original ownership of these characters.
Non-Original Characters / Patterns: Please see posts in gallery for details.

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Please note that all of our bead-art pieces are originals, unless otherwise stated in our galleries. These patterns are not meant to be copied, distributed or used for personal gain with out the knowledge of the original creators. Please be respectful to the creators of these and all other art online. PLEASE DO NOT COPY PATTERNS FROM SUBMISSIONS LABELED "ORIGINAL PATTERN". THOSE ARE CREATED BY TORADOSHI OR KIYO PI AND ARE NOT MEANT FOR DISTRIBUTION, RECREATION OR PERSONAL USE. THANK YOU. Fuzzy Service Advisory.

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