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Artist Ally - TFF2016 by KiyoPi

Artist Ally - TFF2016


Thank you everyone that stopped by to say hello and visit me at my table (that moved around a LOT lol) in Artist Ally this year. Here's a snap shot of my table on the last day right before close in all of it's beaded pixel glory! (Clutter filled messy glory I know, but I just have so much love to give. :p)

I will be attending Haven Con in Austin, TX in April so expect to see me there as well! But for my loyal watchers I wanted to offer you a chance to pick up something I had if you couldn't make it to TFF or HavenCon this year. Grab Bags almost sold out and the winner of the custom commission was claimed, so those and anything else I covered in a heart sold on the last day before close.

The 2 blue cuties in the center are customs of my character Kiyo Pi, so those aren't for sale, but I thought I'd leave them up there as examples. Otherwise anything on the left of the photo is an original creation pixel work (including the bracelets in the center). Everything to the right of me is either a game rip & Edit or an edited open source pattern I found online. However there are 2 originals on the right as well, the bigger Groot (original pixel work by Toradoshi) and BIMO (original pixel work by me, Kiyo Pi) are 100% original works so, please do not copy or distribute those.

For rips and edits I only charge for time and materials, originals are slightly more expensive because they are one of a kind, I always try to make something new and rarely make exact copies of my work (excluding the bracelets of course) and even if I do make more (like in the case of Vaporeon) they will be different colors or have changes to them, like tail wag or eye color, so each is special in it's own way. (^__^)

If you are interested in anything in the pic please post or note/message me and let me know! I'll be working on the commissions I got from the con for the following few days and should have some more new creations posted soon!

Thanks again for all the kind words and support, I am looking forward to HavenCon! <3

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    I hope business was good for you \o/
    Very cluttered, but very colourful, so I can imagine this drawing people's eye x3

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      Yes and yes lol. It was a pretty good weekend, I had a lot of fun, just WAY to much stuff in way to little space X3