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Hi there!

My name is Kiyiya and I'm an Equine Artist and Photographer of all things fantastical. I hope to inspire people with my art and photographs.

I live in a small town that is mostly comprised of Amish, so have managed to make quick friends with them. I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, horseback riding, and whenever I can, swimming. I live with 6 amazing cats, a rat, and a Beta. These guys help keep me grounded when everything seems to be going wrong. I am also engaged to the most amazing man on earth. He helps keep a smile on my face when even the pets fail to lift my spirits. He has been there from day 1 to help cheer me up, encourage me, and to keep me grounded.

A note concerning my art/photos: I will NOT tolerate any sort of harassment or wrongful accusations. If you do not like my art, then move along. If you think you can't keep any nasty comments to yourself, again, move along. I've had quite alot of people saying I trace when I do not. I will list my references and resources, and if possible, a link to said reference/resource. However much of my art comes from books I have,so I will list the name of the book and pg number.

My own photographs used, will NOT be listed in the description as a reference. Why? Well because of the obvious reason that you have seen the photo itself, and will more than likely know I have used it.

Other than that, have fun! Enjoy viewing my gallery (sorry it's not much at the moment).

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on 24 January 2016 at 14:21:56 MST

Well first things first, I'm glad I joined as this site seems pretty cool :D I will be doing a mass upload of art commissioned by me and some of my own art and photos. For the time being I'm just laying low, to see what all comes my way. I'm hoping to avoid the drama that happened on Furaffinity and elsewhere. Anyways, hope to meet new people and get my only other source of income back.

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This covers the cost of my time, materials, and if need be, replacement materials that may be needed.


Joined 24 January 2016

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    Thanks for stalking my gallery~

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      You're welcome :D your icon is so comical! I love it!

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    Thank you for the follow! much appreciated :)

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad you are here!

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      I'm still working on getting everything uploaded @.@ I have so much art to upload that it's just ugh x.x

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        trust me i know the feeling... just got back to fa myself an bleh x.x