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Kivwolf / Male / Tennessee

"Everyone deals with grief differently, right? Some people fuck at funerals. I cut off heads." -Travis Touchdown
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Name's Kiv and I am a fan of anthro, kemono, shota, and many other things. I use MS Paint for lineart and flat color and follow it up with GiMP for detail and effects to produce my works. I always try to srtive to become batter and not try to get discouraged when I fail. I'm not one of the big name artists on this site, but I am a guy who strives to prove that you don't have to have the latest drawing tools to be the best. I may not say it a lot, but I wanna say thanks to all the people who fave, comment and watch me. It does me good to know that I have so many people who I can touch with my work.


I do not take commissions. EVER. Don't be mad at me for it.
I won't do requests unless I say so.
I do trades, but I will be the one asking.

I also do a LOT of porn when I'm out of ideas so expect gayness galore at times.

I think that about covers everything. ENJOY MY WORK!

Latest Journal

Tough times and money issues

on 5 August 2015 at 01:15:38 MDT

Sorry I haven't been active on here or on FA for a while.

Life has been kinda tough for me as of late. My job hasn't been giving me hours and I've been needing family help to get by. I've even taken up looking for a second job.

So, yeah, money is practically nonexistent for me and I've not had much in the way of time or motivation to put out newer works as frequently as I used to.

Until I can get financially back on my feet, my art's gonna be pretty slow.

And, just a little something else that I want to address.

Some people may ask me, "Why don't you take commissions, that would help you with your money problems in no time?" or "Why not set up a Pateron for yourself?"

First thing, I have done a little donation thing when I as trying to get the new DLC for Smash Bros. and it did work out pretty well. However, it took me a good while to deliver on the work I promised in return due to work and generally having no free time or money. Work has taken up a good portion of my time and I generally don't feel like working on art most of the time nowadays.

The problem I face is making sure I deliver on what the person wanted and try to get it out in a timely fashion and make sure it's up to my standards. I don't want to draw something bad for someone who donated a decent amount to me.

I may do it again, but given how things are for me right now, it's not a good time.

Plus, since I live in a motel, getting mail from numerous people that send me something like gift or prepaid cards feels kinda awkward.

Second thing, most people may wonder why someone like me HASN'T set up a Patreon account.

Simple, I just don't like it.

The main reason is I feel like a lot of artists use it only to show their standing in the community by seeing how many people they can get to donate to them or how much they're willing to shell out for art. They pretty much do nothing but post censored artworks here or on other sites and keep all their content behind a paywall. To me, that shows you only care about the people who donate to you and everyone else who admired your work, but cannot donate to you, are worthless. I'm not saying that's how most artists are, but there are some who are like that. And, anyway, censoring my art is NOT me.

So, I figured I'd clear the air a bit about certain things.

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