Kium 3.0 Reference Sheet by Kium

Kium 3.0 Reference Sheet


26 July 2014 at 21:27:14 MDT

Whaa?? New sona??

I've been thinking for about a year ( wow, really so indecisive kium ) about changing my fursona. I went through a LOT of concepts, but this girl kept popping back up and I really did like her. I think I've decided to keep her, but only time shall tell. If you haven't noticed: I LOVE RABBITS. They're littered around my room and I even have a rabbit cookie cutter. ( i'm going to make rabbit shaped sugar cookies for my bday! ) I was so lost which of my favorite breeds I should use : Lionhead, English Lop, French lop but I really loved the rex coloration. You may have seen her before at Sylveon Hugs

What are you going to do with Kium ( Chatinroo )?

I've been asked this question a lot, but I'm still keeping her. She's going to take on more a secondary role, but I still love her. I just felt like I should move onto something else.

art, character, etc © kium kium

( whoops I just noticed I forgot the cheek fluff on the breaf load. Eh. Oh well. )

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    this is adorable

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      Thank you!

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    Still loving this new fursona. Gonna have tab doodle her sooner or later. :P

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    Eeee another INFJ <333 She is mega adorable, I love her beads : D