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Hi! everyone,
Kitty Jess here from

I am a kitty babyfur, I live to the north of England with my bunny partner where (who is also a photographer) we form a photographic/design company =^..^=

Occupation:Photographer, System Admin, Poet, Games and Website Developer from England,
FFD3a A- C- D H+++ M P+++ R-- T++++ W++ Z Sf++ RLCT a cabdlmou++++ d+ e++ f++++ h+++ iw+++ j+ p* sf+

GeekCode :GB/CS/CA/CM/CC/E/G/S/SS d>- s>++:>+ a? C$@>++++ UBLVIS*$>++++ P@>--- L$>++++ !E>---- !W$>+++ !N !o> K--? w$>--- O@>+ M$>++ !V> PS$>++ PE>++ Y> PGP>++ t>+ 5>- X>+++$ !R>- tv>- b>+++ DI>-- D>++ G>++ e@>+ h$>++ r>+++ x**>++++

I'm open to friendships, especially if we know each other from or FA, I'm looking for family too
I'm a webdeveloper and work on the nekoKitsune web platform!



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So today I had a unpleasant letter posted through my door, it wasn't addressed to anyone in particular, it just had the address on it, no postage stamp or anything like a frank, so we opened it.

Inside was the ramblings of a madman, it was a letter from the strange family next door complaining about random clapping and screaming at 2 and 3am coming from our front bedroom, now we don't have a front bedroom, as it was turned in to a office when we moved in for us to run our home business from and if I am up at that time it is mostly downstairs or at my desk in the aforementioned office, often equipped with earphones. The earphones are more often than not, a way for me to have something akin to peace from the madness across the comunal wall (we live in a semi, not my partner or I's ideal) where their son is getting frequent ballicking from the rather violent father or where Wendy is sleeping in the actual bedroom toward the rear of the house.

Now prior to us calling the police last year to their house, we had no issues with them other than snide remarks made whenever I was maintaining the small garden (that is rendered almost useless to us due to said comments and, with the addition of the low fence, nosy housewife next door and my partner and I's desire not to be over looked while relaxing). I presume that they thought I called them due to the constant disturbances that happened before that but the truth was more I was concerned, brake ins had been reported and glass was broken, what else was I expected to think had happened.

It's really hard to be relaxed around them, when I pick out the cigarette butts and other rubbish that their son and friends frequently dump in our garden, I am forever stared at by the woman from next door, like wise whenever I pull in or out of the drive, she's the like a shot, then if we met I always get questions about why I was going out or why I don't have a job, even when I have told them on numerous occasions that I work from home, all hours of the day and night.

It's got to the point where I have no desire to hang around my own home because of them and now that letter has ruined my day and my work. We put up with all of this without saying a word, even when he chose to park his rust bucket van outside our house, completely blocking off our light.

I'm tired due to waking up because of them. We are totally different culture wise and I've herd what they have said about my partner and I when they scream their view points at night. It's not like they don't know our names, so what the hell was with that letter.

I don't want to be here, the house is a pile of poop and I don't have the cash to fix the quick fixes that keep falling apart, ones we didn't see when we moved in and one of the major reasons we moved here is, sadly, now gone and living here is not good for me, mentally, physically or financially, but what can I do, we're in a catch 22, I can't find proper funding or a job here, people are not investing in the area and I don't blame them, the people suffer from the mantra that its good to be thick and do nothing, anyone who has anything like a idea have already buggered off and those coming out of University are leaving to, the place is a ghost town in a Labour banana republic. The council are too concerned with statures, building more offices that are never occupied and buying themselves handmade suits from the public purse to even fix the roads.

I'm tired and I'm getting too old for this. I foolishly agreed to a awful OU course rather than doing what I wanted to do, going back to my old uni, that I'm wasting cash on and well, the course is bad, often wrong and is ran and managed by people who make comedic management teams look competent. I'm not allowed to quit by my father and partners views and I'm just getting more and more depressed and run down.

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    Hi Jess /waves/ thanks for the follow! :D

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    I thank you fur the fav!!

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    Much thanks for the support! And thank you for following, I'm glad you like my work c:

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      your welcome they are really good =^..^= hugs the Shark!

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        Baww thank you! :D -hugs-