Win shit~! by Kittyheadcase

Win shit~!


26 March 2016 at 18:08:14 MDT

So I've been wanting a mascot that represents my artist name "kittyheadcase" that i can use to advertise my stream and also represent my tumblr but everytime i try to design something to fit it it never seems to look good and this is where you come in.

I would like to throw a designing contest where you design me a mascot for me to use but dont worry this isnt for free~ the winner will recive $50 and also a free fully lined coloured and shaded pic of what ever they want and 50% off all of my commissions that they get from me for a month~!


What I'm looking for:

The charecter must be related to my artist name.

It can be furry or humanoid.

Try to not use pure black or pure white.

I love creepy/ dark things so if you are able to add a feel like that to it.

I would like it to be female.

her name will be kitty.

No overly bright colours or rainbows.

My fav colour is dark teal so see if you can use colours that looks good with dark teal.

I want her to seem like shes not all there mentaly, shes gonna have a split personality way about her.

A good songs to listen to for inspiration


If you dont win you are allowed to sell what you have created~
Contest will end 19th of April so you have plenty of time to come up with something amazing~!

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