poor Kitty needs help by KittyFlame

poor Kitty needs help


21 September 2014 at 09:38:54 MDT

sketch done by Ruki
and coloring done by Marmelmm
thank you both again..

always forget to upload things here...probably just be random uploads to this account..

care to help a poor kitty with evil debt?
donations only if you really want to...
paypal kitty_of_flame@hotmail.com e-mail
any and all will only be used for bills only...

reason for debt? typical story many have gone through...without going into too many details...
back in early 2010 everything was going wonderful for me...wonderful new owner and little debt...think had 20 pictures out on commission at the time...
figured I could afford it, and had never had a new car before...so sold the POS I had at the time, and signed the contract for a 6year lease on a new car...
just days later, work decided they were going to cut our hours to 32 hours a week...taking away $100 a weekly paycheck for me...had a contract on the new car, so couldn't return it...would still owe the money...couldn't get my old car back either..
I managed to make all the payments on the car (only had to ask for $15 in 4+ years)...but a lot of other necessities had to go on credit cards...and this went on till the end of the year...8 months of 32 hour weeks...
2011 started with full hours again, but also with several credit cards close to maxed out...and money has only seemed to get tighter and tighter since then...
also, end of 2010, had to have back surgery for a herniated disc...over $12000 out of pocket owed...401k loan helped...then last year, more medical issues, reaccuring from 2007...leading to more medical bills and no way to pay on them...

never like asking for money...and definitely don't expect any...know there are others out there that are way more deserving...figured I would put up my paypal for those that might be willing to offer up a few dollars though...
would be flying high if I could find a thousand people to just offer up $10 each...but I would appreciate anything that is offered...and every bit of it would go to bills...NOTHING else...again, don't expect anything, is just for those that would be willing...even if is just spreading the word...

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