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Heather and Cherry in CG Costume Comparison by kittyelfie

Heather and Cherry in CG Costume Comparison


“Should we really be posing together when we both have ‘official’ Comet Girl costumes on ?” Cherry asked.
“I think people might have figured out that different people sometimes show up as their favorite superheroine,” Heather replied.
“The mask makes it difficult to tell who’s who,” Cherry said. “We’ve also got bob hairstyles. Of course, I have blue lipstick and nail polish. You really should try those.”
“We’d be nearly identical twins if I did that,” Heather answered.
“Should I really be standing in front?” Cherry asked. “You usually have the highest powered super-type as the main focus of a picture.”
“Who’s got the ability to fly, go faster than light, do pyrokinesis, listen to galactic communications that humanity cannot decipher, and do instantaneous calculations?” Heather asked.
“So impenetrable force-fields, magical healing, invulnerability and infinite strength don’t count?” Cherry asked in turn.
“If I was in front, no one would see your arm,” Heather answered. “This way they can still see from my triceps to my biceps’ peak, with your flexing only blocking about half of it.”

The world's luckiest photographer, is to thank for this image.