Wrinkles! by KittyDoggie



1 November 2014 at 18:58:48 MDT

Quick wrinkles thingie for <!Tooth.Bones>

The trick to doing naked cats is a balance betweeen wrinkly and too wrinkly. Cats' skin in general doesn't connect to their muscles the same way that ours does, and is loose. It's like they're constantly wearing a semi-loose jumpsuit.

I hope this visually explains what I meant about wrinkles pointing towards the bend in the joint. It's very quick and dirty, and not all refined. This "towards the inside of the bend" thing can also work on the kitty's face, too, as the wrinkles should point towards where the middle of the "eyebrows" would be on a cat. Often, sphynx will have a little triangle of wrinkles there, then it branches out towards the back of the skull. The problem is that the wrinkles on the face can make a character appear too old, so one might want to simplify them as a few lines, rather than doing what I did and drawing them in. To avoid making the body look too old, just add the wrinkles towards the joints, despite the fact that, irl, sphynx have wrinkles EVERYWHERE.

To add to this- Using reference for these cats is a big help. I had to look at one to even draw the character right! :3 Sphynx are cool.

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